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This appointment occurs in the past

366478-377699-thumbnail.jpgGwyneth Paltrow had her Sliding Doors.
Adam Sandler did it in a Click.
Bullock and Reeves are using a Lake House this summer.
And poor Jimmy Stewart had to jump off a bridge!

I wonder.

Could I turn back the clock?  Get to you... back then... And see what might have unfolded. 

Today, I imagined my way to open the "Gates" of time:  Microsoft Outlook.

So I opened my Calendar, and started clicking my Windows Wayback Machine backward on the month view in the upper right corner.  Back... back... but how far???

  • Last week: Maybe I could win the Lotto. 
  • 1987:  Getting closer.  Graduating college.  There are at least a hundred roads arrayed like a sunburst from this moment.  
  • 1981:  Deep into geekdom, but pivotal.  

So I picked March 1981... opened Outlook... and when I picked a random date, it actually brought up the month as it was.  [This is getting good.]

Could I?  I stared for a moment.  Then moved the cursor to the 'File' menu.

'New Appointment'
'Subject:'  Your name
'Location:'  Not many options.  I don't even have my license yet... Pretty much your high school or mine.  Let's go with a party thrown by a mutual friend.

'Start Time:'  Saturday, March 7, 1981, 9:00 pm [Frees up a possible St. Patrick's Day date.  Another place I'll be on firm ground.]
'End Time:'  I'm leaving this blank.
'Show Time As:'  Busy

'Save and Close'

The arrow is poised.  The cursor is blinking.

Now what? 

This started as a daydream, but what do I do now??  Do I set the appointment and see what happens??  Seeing is knowing.  But is knowing better than wondering?? 

I don't want to ruin what time has brought us individually...   

I don't want to take away the things that made our paths cross when they did... or blow the chance that they will cross again... 

I don't want to advance the calendar by 20 or 30 years... and it's not becasue Outlook's Calendar won't go that far... I just couldn't handle the future if your number disappeared from my Contacts... and couldn't handle the present if I saw that your number ends up the same as mine.

I wonder.  Yes, I wonder. 

I know I shouldn't.  But I do.

Do you?

'This appointment occurs in the past' flashes across the top of the screen in yellow.

I know.  That's the whole point.

'Save and Close'

The arrow is poised.  The cursor is blinking. 

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