pearl.jpgPeople say, "You must have been the class clown."

And I say, "No, I wasn't. But I sat next to the class clown... and I studied him."
Dr. Alan Pearl



"A logger??"
"No, a blogger!"
"Why can't you just be a Rotarian like your uncle?"
(I could see this was going to be more of a challenge than I had originally thought.)

I'm really neither a logger nor a blogger, at least not anymore than you could call someone who can make a piece of toast a Chef.   

I am the oldest of five children, married, and the father of three wonderful, knuckleheaded children, living in the Southwest corner of the Northeast United States.

Me2.jpgI dabble in irony, whimsy, tragedy and an occasional Samuel Adams (Brewer.  Patriot.)  I also posess the uncanny ability to turn ANY MEAL into a sandwich. 

This humble blog isn't supposed to mean anything or stand for anything in particular; it does not purport to make any profound statement on the condition of mankind; there will be no test given at the end of the semester.  It's my electronic junk drawer, and I welcome you.