Poets, priests and politicians
Have words to thank for their positions...


Vox.jpgIf you survived the 80s, you've heard this song...

Suspend, for a moment, the nagging urge to question the profundity of a song that lurches from that gem to, "De do do do, de da da da." in a measure or two. Just work with me for a minute here.

Some people build with bricks and mortar, and can move a mountain with cranes. Others can move a mind with words. Words.

Poets. Priests. Politicians. In no particular order, I used be one; I used to want to be another; I aspire to be the third. I'll leave that discussion for another time.


Over a half century, I've collected words of wisdom on slips of paper, napkins, and other media. Most are the work of others; a few are my own. And this piece of your Wry Toast will be the gathering place for those gems, once I can find a way to deliver them in bite-sized bits. 

On Life

On Politics

By My Kids