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Things my kids have taught me


  • "Daddy, what's a question?
  • "Daddy, will my name still be Danny when I'm grown-up?"
  • "But why, Daddy?
     - "I don't know, sweetheart."
    [Pause.  Whew!]
    "But what do you think?
  • [My oldest son, watching a parade:]
    "Daddy, when will they play, "My Country tiverslee?"
  • [After singing "I can't smile without you" to my daughter, then 3 yrs old:]
    "Daddy, do you smile at work sometimes?"

More to come

  • [At Chuck E. Cheese's in January, our youngest son, 5, played the game where you shoot the water pistol into a target.  The one with the best aim wins.  I took him to the men's room just before we left.  As he's washing his hands, he dead-pans the following:]
    "Dad, I peed into the hole the whole time.  Where are my tickets?!?"


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Reader Comments (1)

I love this entry. As a mother of a five year-old daughter, I can relate. We have a shortage of toilet paper and scotch-tape in our house, always (five year-old girls love to tape stuff - anything - together.
February 23, 2006 | Unregistered CommenterLisa Marshall

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