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Third Grade; First Rate: From my son's writing folder

From my oldest son's writing folder, now that school has let out for the summer.


Worst fear

My worst fear is being inbarest in front of peple.  Because people laf at you and make fun of you it just does not feel right.

I trigh to stop it by not doing something to inbarest me.


Bravest thing ever

I thinkt he Bravest thing I have ever Done is:  My first time ever riding a two weeler.  Because I was realy scared.  Because I thaut I would fall off.



I do not like my name.  Because I'ev alwase wanted my name to be shorter like Brian.  I don't like my middle name ether.  It is Munson.  I just do not like it.  My last name is okay because I'm Irish.



Is the best sport
Hitting, Catching, all good!
Baseball, Baseball, I love Baseball.
Home run!


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