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You can tune a piano, but can you tune a Volkswagen?

I drive a LOT... on average, 30,000 miles each year.  I've had pretty good luck with the cars I've driven, and I do all the research... But you can forget Consumer Reports, etc. Sound systems?  No big whoop.  I look for the playability of the automobile. 

To wit:  Is the dashboard within reach for me to play "air keyboard" with Genesis??  Does it have produce the right kind of "thud" when I'm playing the drums??  What else is in reach of the driver that makes for good accompaniment??  Passat.jpg

For my money, Volkswagen produces a finely tuned instrument.  My old '91 Jetta had that boxy, right up in your face dash, and my '03 Passat has everything I need. 

The dash is drum and Moog-worthy, and the steering wheel is solid and thumpable.  But by far, tt's top two selling points:

The shifter:  A veritable drum kit.  Slapping the top with an open hand makes for a good drum beat, but it does a fine rim shot when you push in the shift knob with your thumb and let it snap back out... a sound you can vary with the amount and force of the depression.  (N.B.:  The '91 Jetta's parking brake release was excellent in this regard, but the Passat's is tucked too tightly next to the seat to be of use.) 

The dead-pedal:  This is your own bass drum, also rendering unique sounds depending on the type of shoe worn and the force applied. 

Volkswagen, you're all about the sound, with or without the far Fig Newton! 


Best driving tune:  "Running Down a Dream," Tom Petty


What's playing in your car?

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