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H.E.L.P. (23 on Six-Eight-Four)

I saw irony today, on Route 684 Southbound in New York.  More on that in a sec...

Nearly every faith/culture has a story about helping another in need.  The Good Samaritan springs to mind.  366478-234192-thumbnail.jpg

New York's version is the HELP truck--Highway Emergency Local Patrol.  On my commute down I-684, there are three of them: the 21, 22, and the 23.  When I see them far off down the highway, I play HELP Truck Roulette and try to guess which one it is.    

Today, I saw HELP Truck #23 on the right shoulder of the southbound lanes, sitting alone.  "Just waiting for the next rescue," I thought.  But as I approached, something appeared wrong.  Very wrong...

There, where the left rear wheel should be, was a JACK... and a hub.  The Two-Three was stranded... broken down in the breakdown lane.  The driver was in the cab.  HELPless.    

Who helps the HELPer? 

Apparently, this morning, no one.  Car after car after car... some of whom, I'll bet, have even been rescued by the Two-Three... whizzing by.  Irony.   

Who helps the HELPer? 

You and I do.  That's who.  And here resideth today's lesson:  Help somebody today.  Be it large or small.  Help somebody.  Along your journey today, tomorrow, you'll see someone who'll need a hand, an encouraging word, a target, a shoulder, a shot in the arm, or maybe a kick in the a**.  Help them.  Chances are you'll be doing something that brings you a bit closer to the Divine ... however defined.  

Touch a soul.  Help the Two-Three find its wheel again.  And Godspeed.

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