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How my morning turned on a Penny

366478-259305-thumbnail.jpgWhy is it that just one song--applied at the right moment--can make all the difference in the world? 

Monday began, in the Southwest corner of the Northeast United States, with fog and 40 degrees at 0-Dark-Thirty hours.  This is after a weekend featuring my daughter accidentally knocking in a couple of tiles into the bathtub wall (a good sign for her future ability to fend for herself on dates many, many years from now).  Unfortunately, this one act by the Apple of My Eye revealed a startling Incongruity-in-Grout:  Wet drywall.  I mean, drywall is supposed to be dry.  That's why they call it that!!!  Well, scratch beneath the surface of a 40 year-old house with a 40 year-old tub and 40 year-old tile... and you have a long-avoided bathroom remodeling project kicking off whether you want it to or not.

Monday dawned needing a recasting of the mood, if not the shower wall. 

Then, on queue, enter XM Radio with the RX I needed... My day turned on a "Penny"--quite literally--with the buoyancy and Bach trumpet "Penny Lane."  That was it!  The fog lifted, the sun came out, and the Beatles Made a little Birdhouse in my Soul*. 

It worked 366478-259309-thumbnail.jpgso well, I threw in Sgt. Pepper's "Good Morning," as a chaser... cut through traffic like a pro and came into work with a post for the blog! 

This day might not end so badly after all!

(*TMBG is my "In Case of Emergency, Play This" CD.)

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Reader Comments (1)

Dude, I just had the same kind of morning. But it's always nice when things just make a turn for the better.
January 30, 2006 | Unregistered CommenterHeather B.

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