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The Brigadoon Friendship

366478-281609-thumbnail.jpgBrigadoon is a story of two Americans who, hunting in the Highlands of Scotland, stumble on the enchanted village of Brigadoon, which emerges from the mists for a single day, once every 100 years... 

While the rest of the world speeds by, Brigadoon stays virtually unchanged; frozen in the mists of time. 

Such a treasure is the Brigadoon Friendship...  preserved by the passage of years; unburdened by the daily trading of water cooler gossip; invisible to the speed dial, but marked instead by the milestones of annual birthday cards and calls, five year reunions, and the deliciously rare unplanned crossing of paths in a small, small world. 

Some aquaintances are plated by proximity and frequency:  the coworker, the parents of your kids' friends, the other familiy in the carpool.  But the value of the Brigadoon Friend is solid gold.

Of my Brigadoon Friends, three come to mind.  Our paths and day-to-day adventures led to opposite corners of the Earth.  Yet our reunions, because they are free of the march of the hours and the drama of the days, are about the richness of life and the rarity that is a true friend.  And in those reunions the intervals of time disappear like fog in the strenghening morning sun. 

So today, a wee dram for the Brigadoon Friend!

May we be happy - and our enemies know it!

And may ye ne'er want a frien' or a dram to gie him.


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Saw your comment on Greek Tragedy - 'tis one of my favorite commercials out there currently.

After multiple moves (mine and others') have separated us, I RELY on those Brigadoon Friendships. When I get lonely, I remind myself that it just means all the more great places to visit.
February 28, 2006 | Unregistered CommenterPLD

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