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Mentionitis. Or, "Nick P. would think that's so funny!"

That is the sound, my friends, of a Third-grade crush.

Do you remember when you had a crush, and suddenly everything becomes relevant to that person??  You slip their name into conversation... you think you're being subtle, but it gives you such a rush. 

366478-1204803-thumbnail.jpgWell, that's what my daughter did at the breakfast table Sunday morning.  She came home last week and told my wife that "Nick P." had sent her a note asking if she'd be his girlfriend.  "Well, I think you should tell him you're his special friend," my wife said.  "Yeah," my daughter replied.  "Boyfriends and girlfriends aren't for at least sixth grade."  And so, when she returned from school the next day, her wife asked if she broke the news to Nick P.  "I was gonna say that, but then I thought, he's so funny, it would be cool being his girlfriend.  So I cirled "Yes" and gave him his note back.

Iron willpower, that one.  Just like her father, and she has NO IDEA.  Which is fine, because she wants to make sure that I have NO IDEA about this whole affair.

And so fast-forward to the breakfast table, when her younger brother blurted out something hilarious.

"Oh, Danny," she said.  "Nick P. would think that's so funny!"

And so now, I've taken to using that as a non-sequitir rejoinder in conversation.  I already used it once each at the water cooler, as a reply to an email, and on a conference call.  It's so funny.  NO one said a peep.  Not a question.  

For another day:  Raise your hand if you've ever played that game.  You're given a saying to blurt out and the winner is whoever can pull off the most outrageous statement without breaking stride.  I played with some folks from Michigan once during a drink-fest on Mackinac Island once.  They're hard core up there.  And do you know what??

"Nick P. would think that's so funny!"

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Ah, yes. Mentionitis. I've had that illness before. But not as a youth, I thought I would be found out so I never came down with mentionitis. You're daughter is so sweet. Young love. Too bad it's not like that forever!
December 17, 2007 | Unregistered Commenterleezer
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October 15, 2009 | Unregistered Commenter����
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