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It's an honor just to be nominated

"This is the jury message for Tuesday, October 17th.  All jurors should report.  Repeat.  All jurors should report for duty."

Bring it AWN!! 

Or better yet...

366478-509759-thumbnail.jpgDenny Crane!

Actually, my hopes are quite low-key at this point.  You see, I'm one of those dopes who thinks it might be interesting to serve on a jury.  But the Toastmaster is currently 0 for 4 when it comes to being selected for a jury.  But as they say,  it's an honor just to be nominated.  [If I can find the Dunkin Donuts napkin from last week, I'll have more to say on who "They Say" really are in a future post.] 

The first time I was called for jury duty, I actually qualified for one of the reasons that you don't have to report that day.  The second time the phone message said that no jurors needed to report.  Must've been a slow day for crime in the big city!  The last time I was called, I got to hang around all morning.  They had about two jury pool's worth of folks waiting.  Honestly, it's worse than being at the doctor's.  The nurse clerk came to the doorway at 11:30 (later on, I learned that they have to hand out lunch stipends for people who stay past Noon) and started reading off names.  One... by one... by one...  Nobody could tell whether those folks were being released or summoned. 

Once the Chosen were escorted out of the room (at 11:51), Clerk Cratchet said:  "You are all released.  Your duty has been fulfilled.  They settled the other case.  Thank you very much." 

Damn!  So close.  I wonder how much money-per-hour those settling lawyers got.  And they can't throw us a frikkin ham sandwich and call it even??

Now upon just having called the number, I am ready to serve.  Dazzle me, Denny!  Or at least throw me a lunch duccat so the whole day's not a wash.

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