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Don't miss the majesty:  Vote

"Your representative owes you, not his indusry only, but his judgment; and he betrays insted of serving you if he sacrifices it to your opinon."  --Edmund Burke, Irish philosopher, statesman.

If you've got enough time to read a blog, you've certainly got enough time to get to the polls and VOTE. 

366478-205802-thumbnail.jpgDoesn't matter whether you Rock it or Move it On, whether you're Right, Left, or middle of the road, Red-faced, or Blue-sky... just VOTE. 


This stuff matters. 

Let me put it to you this way:

Ben Affleck is voting for Democrats today.  Tom Selleck is driving Nancy Reagan to the polls and they're both gonna vote for the GOP. 

Had enough??  NO???  You're leaving me no other choce but to break out the heavy artillery:

  • 366478-539704-thumbnail.jpgYour brother in law voted today, and you and I both know he's a total tool.
  • The "Dwight Schrute" in your Office voted on his way to work, while you were sleeping through the alarm.
  • Your ex-spouse just voted on her way to meet with his/her lawyer, and the lawyer voted, too. 

But have they earned it?

 "Lofty posts make great mean greater still, and small men much smaller."  Burke again

366478-539684-thumbnail.jpgOur state capitols, our U.S. Congress, our city councils and boards of aldermen, freeholders, county councils and such are the echo chambers of our hopes, dreams and fears. 

And taking Congress as an example, it is the place that our Founding Fathers (Word to their Mothers) created so that 300,157,034 Americans (as of typing) could become 435; and that 435--in assembly as the United States House of Representatives--could be ONE. 

366478-539690-thumbnail.jpgThat kind of magical arithmetic only happens here.  And we're the ones who get to decide.  Experience is important, but it doesn't earn you a pass, or a lifetime subscription to public office.  They don't retire a jersey with your district number on it when you leave.  Every two years, or six if you're a senator, your subscription comes up for renewal.  There is strength in that renewal, but only if we vote.

The names change, the people come and go, the Republic marches on, but only if we vote.

I believe in this because I've seen it work. 

Lookit... The bullsh*t rhetoric that passes as political speech these days can make even the stoutest of believers waver.  But don't waver.  Vote.

There are people running and serving in office today who KNOW that there is NOTHING that can be found in the marbled cooridors of power that can possibly compare to the a handshake and a look in the eye between a voter and the man or woman who would hope to earn their vote.

366478-539700-thumbnail.jpgWe don't want them to cure the common cold... we want them to care about what we wrestle with at our kitchen table:  How are we going to get our kids through school; what are we going to do about our aging parents and gradnparents.

That's what Christmas is all about, Charlie Brown.



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Jesus, you are a dreamer. But my brother in law is a prick. I'm ON IT!
November 7, 2006 | Unregistered Commenterjohn q

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