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Buzz off Fly-ku

"Don't you think that's a little showy??" 

My silent rebuke to a fly that made its way onto the US Airways Shuttle from Washington DC to LaGuardia.

I'm still waiting for scientists to dig into my theory about birds, and how they act around airports.  (Hint: Showoffs.)  

Not this kind
But what about the fly who flies? 

Yes, yes, he had the good sense and manners to fly coach with the rest of us; perched on the overhead bin.  No, he did not shift during takeoff or landing.  And upon landing, I swear I saw him fly straight out the door.

Clearly this DC fly had plans in the Big Apple for the weekend.  Maybe he took in a show.  Possibly he was the guest host on Saturday Night Live, in time to fly back and tape Meet the Press.  Possibly he hung around the terminal, cruising the Mens Rooms for wide-stanced United States Senators. 

Not this kind, either.
Regardless, this little bugger... this FLY... who can FLY... something I can only do in the odd lucid dream... flew... for FREE.

And I think he knew it.  366478-1107787-thumbnail.jpg



Redundant insect
Nobody likes a show-off
Where's your boarding pass?


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