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Pride takes a holiday

I saw greatness today.

Humility.  Good will.  Cajoling.  Compromise.  Then consensus.

I saw men and women reach across a gulf of ideology, steer into the headwinds of a rhetorical tempest, because they were more concerned about doing right than being right; more about all gaining than some winning.

Yes, it had to do with public policy... but instead of in our nation's Capitol, it was in a frost-bound state Capitol.  Pride took a holiday today.  If it can happen here, why can't the big shots get it in DC?

I saw the best of what I attempted to describe here

But I've been miles from home all week.  And I miss my kids, and haven't gotten road souvenirs yet. Don't suppose this shoe buffing cloth and a packet of gourmet decafe coffee will do, huh?

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