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Fernsprechen ze Deutch?

My phone speaks German to me. 

Okay, that might not register as high on the Richter scale as "I see dead people," but it's all I've got.

366478-391122-thumbnail.jpgSo I've got this phone at work.  It looks like the one pictured here.  Apparently, I hit a certain combination of buttons that I cannot now recreate or undo... and ever since then, my fernsprecher sprechens Deutch.  [As if I didn't have enough problems working the damn thing when it spoke English...]

It's not like I'm a Teutophobe or anything.  Yes, I took four years of French in school, which may be what's behind my initial feeling of surrender.  But hell, I drive a Volkswagen, for crying out loud.  Why didn't meine gondel ever throw me a "liebchen" now and then??  I might have liked that.

So now, when I hit the button to send my calls directly to voicemail, the screen reads:  "Anrufschutz ein."
"Forward" has become "Umleitung."
And my new favorite... "Transfer" has become two sentences:  "Gesprach umlegen; rufnummer eingeben."

Yeah, baby!  This has opened a whole new world to me. 

Fahrvergnügen was never like this!

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