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Week's end wrap up

366478-387091-thumbnail.jpgThe smartest thing I've heard this week:

If I ever get lost in the woods, I hope I have a deck of cards with me.  I could play solitaire.  Eventually, someone's bound to show up and say, "Black nine on the red ten"...


366478-387093-thumbnail.jpgThe best thing I've heard this week:

Bruce Springsteen's We Shall Overcome: The Seeger Sessions


366478-387095-thumbnail.jpgThe damn funniest thing I've read since I don't KNOW when...

Opinion piece in The Onion written by our Lord Himself:  'There's No Way I'm Saving That Guy'
[Pay particular attention to His use of capitalization when He refers to Himself.  Too funny.  Credit to my sister Mo for finding it!]

Rock on, everyone!

Kirk out!


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