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Summer sampler: Slices of 'Toast'

ssseaport.jpgShould anybody stop by while I'm on vacation, please make sure the papers aren't at the bottom of the driveway, and that the outside lights are on.  Readership is ever so slightly up, so here's a few slices of 'Wry' from the bread drawer.

What I'll be doing in five years (if I practice)

Seeing my father through my son's eyes

A friend sets out on her own

Favorite joke 1

Favorite joke 2

Sunday, bloody Sunday

I'm the only one who thought this was funny.  And I still DO.

Go home with Bonnie Jean (I never completed my thought process here.  Soon I will.)

This one just fell together on the first draft.

And so did this.

My sentimental favorite

I don't want to let go

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