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Swingin' into Fall

366478-473774-thumbnail.jpgWere always told repeatedly
The very best in life is free
And if you want to prove its true
Baby Im telling you
This is what you should do

"Help Yourself," by Tom Jones...  Now playing on the wryPod. 

Kicking off the week in style. Tom Jones, Bobby Darin, Dean Martin have joined the Chairman of the Board on the wryPod.  Me and the boys are swinging into Fall, baby!!  

By Wednesday night, I'll be here for three days of fishing, drinking, telling lies, playing cards, and (oh, did I mention) fishing and drinking.  My Friday's Feast won't be up til Sunday, but rest assured it will consist of garlic, wine and all manner of seafood.  [No spinach, thanks.]


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Reader Comments (1)

I love Tom Jones. He's one of the few of his kind I've not yet seen...but I put him in the Neil Diamond category, even if he does swing like Bobby Darin and Deano.

Sounds like a great weekend! Take away the fish and throw in dancing, and my upcoming weekend's not far off. Only when we get together, it's the true tales we tell that raise the eyebrows.
September 18, 2006 | Unregistered CommenterEDW

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